On my travels I get more compliments on my tan. I always get asked where I go for tanning and I always reply Bottoms Up in Tehachapi. I do not live local but I choose make the 30 minute drive almost daily. The rooms are clean, lamps are changed often and the atmosphere is very friendly.

Phyllis Sommers - Client since 5/2010

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Bottoms Up Tanning Salon has been Tehachapi's ONLY Full Service Tanning Salon since 2004. We offer great customer service along with high quality tanning, spray tanning and tanning products. Whether you're tanning for an upcoming event or you just enjoy the relaxing experience, we have different options to help you achieve the results you want.

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We know there are many reasons a customer may choose to tan; therefore, we offer 3 levels of tanning to make sure those tanning goals can be met. We currently offer an ultimate tanning experience with our premier Sportarredo High Pressure (Mix). This bed has amazing high pressure lamps on the top and side which help you achieve quick results and it also has low pressure lamps on the bottom to help give you that nice dark tan.  In one to two 15 minute tanning sessions you can achieve similar results to what you would get from a weeks worth of tanning in a regular tanning bed. That makes this bed perfect for those who have busy schedules or simply want the best results possible in a shorter amount time. For those who are available to come more often but don't have much time to spare, we recommend using one of our two 8 minute tanning beds and/or two 10 minute stand-ups. The stand-ups are also great for leg tanning and making sure your tan is even. If you aren't in a hurry and want to enjoy the relaxation while achieving a beautiful tan, we offer three 20 minute tanning beds. 

If you are looking for an instant tan or prefer UV-Free tanning we offer an InstaBronze Spray Booth. To make sure our clients receive a beautiful, natural looking tan, we strive to offer the best spray solution for our booth. This means we keep a close eye on what's new and what's popular in the current spray world. Unlike air brush tanning, this booth is in its own room and operates on it's own offering you the comfort and privacy you deserve. 

As for our tanning products we not only offer competitive pricing, we only sell what we believe will help you achieve the best results. Drop by our salon to enjoy a tour and speak with one of our awesome tanning consultants today!

Every time I go to the salon everyone is so helpful and sweet. The rooms and beds are super clean and I always feel comfortable in there. They always have great tanning specials and lotion deals. They always put customers first which is one of the many reasons I love tanning at Bottoms Up! 

Ashlee Howard - Client since 3/2005